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Divorce During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic

When there is a major problem in society, this can interfere with the relationship between spouses and parents such as one we are experiencing now with Covid-19. Governments’ actions that is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus can have an effect with peoples’ relationships such as divorcing and separating individuals.

Due to historical data, when family members are in huddled together to close proximity from inclement weather, situations such as domestic violence and divorce can increase rapidly. Family issues often arise when children are forced to stay at home due to school closings. Also, more issues arise in the family home when people have lost their jobs and are being furloughs. Their emotions have affected their ability to be think rationally at a time like this pandemic. Their financial ability has deteriorated and worries set in when to pay the next bill such as rent, utilities, credit card bills, car note, and other bills that are outstanding.

Evidence shows that as coronavirus pandemic come and goes where the custody and divorce issues will rise like it did after 9/11. There will be sharp rise in custody cases due to parental access being halted by one parent. The jurisdiction will feel the full effect of this is the hardest hit by this epidemic. Keep in mind, there will be parents who will take full advantage of this pandemic for not respecting the rights of the other parent to keep the child away from that parent.

Here is some helpful information to carry with you during these unprecedented times:

  1. You should be civil and do not confront your spouse or children. You should be the person who is reasonable and rationale when it comes to issues arise in your family. You should be the sound of reason.
  2. If you have an emergency, the courts are available for you for that reason. Courts have closed temporary and suspending jury trials. However, domestic violence cases can be set whether the Courts are closed or open.
  3. Our Firm is open to you during these unprecedented times which an experience divorce attorney can review your case and figure out what to do. Our firm uses video conference, cell phones, texting, and e-mail, so that way we can communicate to you and provide you the best advice.

Law firms who practice in the area of Family Law will likely have an increase in cases when problems arise like the coronavirus which will lead to a separation or a potential divorce. The Firm will continue to work with current clients. The Scheduling Orders when the Court issued produces deadlines when to file certain items even if matters are postponed.

There may be problems resulting in the loss of assets, jobs, and retirement which can interfere with your ability to separate and divorce your spouse. Consulting with a divorce attorney can aid you how you move forward even in these rough times.

Maryland Legislature passed a law which if you and your spouse have a written agreement in proper form which will resolve all issues, you can have a divorce on a ground of Mutual Consent. With this agreement, you do not have to wait for one year to separate in order to be granted a divorce.

This law firm is available to you to discuss your situation to see what needs to be done next. The Soubra Law Firm has been available to clients to help through the toughest time in their lives such as a divorce or custody issues. Call the firm at 301-219-5038 or e-mail the firm at contact@soubralaw.com or include your information on the website’s fill out form. We can offer video conferencing at your request.

As your Frederick Divorce Attorney during Covid-19, the Law Firm is here to serve Frederick, Montgomery, Washington, and Carroll Counties as well as the remaining Maryland area. The Firm would like to be your Divorce Lawyer during Covid-19.

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