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Often, the complexities of family law have less to do with the law than overcoming emotional barriers. From my law office in Frederick, Maryland, I, attorney Imad Soubra, offer a compassionate approach tempered with judgment to position my clients effectively in complex disputes stemming from divorce or legal separation.

My strategy in family law is focused on establishing amicable solutions in your children’s best interests. Contact me, a Frederick divorce attorney, today at 301-219-5038 for help in relieving the pressure of family law disputes.

Hagerstown Separation Agreement Attorney

When you enlist my law office, you can be confident you will work directly with a skilled family law attorney. I offer a hands-on approach to understand your specific needs and goals. After meeting with you, I will tailor my approach based on your unique circumstances, while striving for the most advantageous outcome possible involving a variety of factors, including:

  • Separation agreements: Sometimes couples do not want to divorce because of religious reasons. A separation agreement can be an option to sort out issues such as alimony, child support and property division, without officially filing for divorce. Learn more about separation agreements by contacting my law firm.
  • Spousal support: I have a strong background representing clients seeking alimony support from financially independent ex-spouses. I also protect clients from paying spousal maintenance to financially secure ex-spouses. The issues dealing with alimony are very complicated. You need an attorney to guide you through the complex laws.
  • Child custody: I will guide you through the difficult negotiation or litigation process, whether you are pursuing joint custody or sole custody. I can help you acquire either sole or joint physical custody of your child or children. I can help you acquire sole or joint legal custody of your child or children. Legal custody refers to major decisions made for your child or children, such as medical (doctor or prescription drugs), education (private or public school), religion (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.) and items related to the major welfare of your child or children.
  • Visitation rights: Parents without sole custody are still entitled to reasonable visitation rights. Working on behalf of either parent, I am able to help obtain visitation or enforce supervised visitation, if you are concerned domestic violence could be an issue.
  • Child support: I will work closely with you to make sure child support calculations are based on accurate information. When appropriate, I will consult forensic accountants and trace any hidden assets or evaluate the extent of business profits.
  • Property division: When appropriate, I work with forensic accountants to determine the extent of your community and marital property. You and your estranged spouse are entitled to an equitable distribution of your joint assets. For example, if your spouse’s inheritance was commingled with the rest of your finances, you may be entitled to equitable division of that inheritance.
  • Modifications: Divorce agreements are not meant to be written in stone. If you recently lost your job or plan to relocate for a new job opportunity, I will advocate to help you modify your child custody and child support arrangements.
  • Prenuptial agreements: It is essential for couples before they get married to protect themselves in the event of divorce. I can help you draft a prenuptial agreement to secure your assets.

At the Soubra Law Firm, I draw on my background inside and outside of the courtroom to develop effective solutions based on your current and long-term needs. I am an experienced Maryland divorce lawyer committed to minimizing any disruptions to your life with cost-effective legal solutions.

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Helped me fight some bogus case that md didn't have jurisdiction over and he's very friendly and approachable oh and did I mention affordable? Best lawyer I've met in a long time!!!!


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