Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases can be emotional, difficult and complex, but you do not need to handle it on your own. From my office in Frederick, I, attorney Imad Soubra, can provide you with the support, advice and skilled representation you need in your case.

Domestic violence cases frequently involve both criminal defense and family law issues. At the Soubra Law Firm, I have experience with both of these areas of law, allowing me to represent victims or domestic violence as well as those accused of domestic violence throughout Maryland.

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Frederick Attorney Representing Victims

I help victims of domestic violence get the protection they need. If you feel threatened or fear violence, I can help you obtain a protective order, sometimes known as a restraining order. I can also work with you to file a divorce, obtain custody of your children and resolve a range of other family-related disputes. I will work directly with you to understand your goals and develop a plan to help you achieve those goals.

There are times where enough is enough. You need protection from Maryland Law to protect you and your children. I can represent you in this matter where you have been physically abused and threaten by your significant other either by a protective order or a peace order. A protective order can protect you from people who are related to you whereas a peace order can protect you from people who are not related to you. In a protective order, the type of relief you can request from the Court is to have temporary custody of your children, temporary family maintenance to support yourself while you try to figure out how to divorce yourself from your spouse, a time period where you spouse does not contact you, and temporary use of family possession if you need it to continue your family function. All this is temporary not permanent. In order to get a permanent result, there is a different action that you must pursue.

Defending Clients Accused of Domestic Violence

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need to act swiftly to ensure that your rights are protected. If a temporary protective order has been issued against you, you only have a limited amount of time before the hearing. At the hearing, a judge will determine if the temporary order should be extended. A protective order can keep you from returning home, seeing your loved ones and owning firearms.

In addition to the impact domestic violence could have on custody and visitation rights, accusations of assault or family violence could also lead to criminal charges. I can defend you from these charges and protect your rights throughout the process.

There are times the other spouse tries to file a protective order against you just to try to take advantage of the system in doing so. You should not ignore this, but seek my help to determine what to do when you are in situation like this because it is still temporary. It can carry consequence where it can affect your case in the family law courts. If the protective order is entered against you, you have no contact with your spouse and you cannot enter the residence where you lived with your spouse along with your children. You may not be able to contact your children or you may have access with your children for a limited period of time. I can assist you in this matter to determine what must be done in order to resolve this. Without having the proper representation to determine what is the best analysis to trying to resolve this problem, this can have a detrimental effect on your life and the relationship that you have with your family.

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