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Sorting through the numerous legal aspects of a divorce can be a challenging task to face alone. Having the assistance of an experienced lawyer can help guide you through the often complicated divorce process, giving you and your family the ability to move on.

At the Soubra Law Firm, I, Attorney Imad Soubra, provide comprehensive divorce and separation representation to clients in Frederick and throughout Maryland. Knowledgeable in the many aspects of divorce proceedings, I provide assistance for both absolute and limited divorce matters, tailoring my representation directly to your family’s individual needs.

It is important that you write the legal separation according to Maryland Law because Separation Agreements from other States will raises issues that need not be to be raised such as ones on the internet. It makes very difficult to enforce the Separation Agreement. You want to do this correctly for the first time because you do not want to be involved a litigious case where all this can be avoided by drafting an agreement according to Maryland Law.

Separation Agreement can include issues such as alimony, property division including pensions, bank accounts, stocks, etc. The Separation Agreement can spell out what the Custody arrangement should be if any children is involved such as who has sole physical or shared physical custody. If the non-custodial parent has visitation, what type of parenting time they would have with the children as far weekends, summers, and holidays. The Separation Agreement should include what type of decision making power a parent or parents will have. Should one parent has sole legal custody over the major decision making authority such as medical, religion, schooling and other major welfare affecting the child or should the parties co-parent and have joint legal custody over the major decision making authority over the child. How will the parties co-parent with the child? This information should be spelled out in the Separation Agreement among other issues that may be raised when the parties have a co-parenting relationship.

A Separation Agreement can avoid a lengthy and costly divorce between the parties and settle the case where the parties can reach a peaceful divorce without going through a trial where many parties try to avoid. It can include details that provide a clear and concise fashion as to how much time that the children should spend with each parent. Futhermore, it will also include how marital assets should be divided. If any alimony or child support should be paid by party to another, how much and when the proceeds should be paid by that party. The Separation Agreement is a power tool to organize the information in matter that allows the parties follow it.

You should bring an attorney involved in the process to determine if you gave up too much marital rights or receiving too little. It is a plan for the future of yourself and children and you should treat it as a pinnacle document. If it is not drafted properly, it can have detrimental effect on your life and children.

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Comprehensive Divorce Representation

Maryland requires a legal separation lasting one year before absolute divorce proceedings can progress. Limited divorce proceedings can commence after one year of separation. While absolute divorces allows for the division of all assets and debts, limited divorces allow for rulings on alimony or spousal support only.

My work with both limited and absolute divorce allows me to help by providing informative and timely assistance on all pertinent matters relating to the end of your marriage, including the difficult task of obtaining alimony and sorting through child custody, support and visitation disputes.

Divorce is a very complicated, messy, and complex process to be in. You want to retain an Attorney who can guide you throughout the process. This process can affect you for your entire life financially and emotionally, so you should take it very seriously. You always want to make sure that if you enter into a Separation Agreement or Consent Order that you have not forgotten any details that may be burden or harm you in the future when enforcing this agreement because you do not want to start all over with modifying the Separation Agreement or Consent Order. I have worked on enough divorces to advise people what to look for. Also, if division of marital property is involved such as pension, 401k or other type of pensions are at issues to determine how one would divide such an asset. Other marital properties can include your marital home which can be divided with whatever equity is left where this is properties acquired during the marriage.

Divorce can also have grounds. These grounds have be contested and heard before a Judge to determine if such grounds can be found for such circumstances that you are in. Such grounds can be Desertion, Constructive Desertion, Insanity, and Adultery. Here, you want to consult with an Attorney to determine such a ground is beneficial and productive to move forward with a ground for Divorce in your case. However, there is an option where grounds for Divorce do not have to be contested. That is the one year separation period for not living under the same roof and/or having sexual relationship where the divorce can be granted by the Magistrate and/or Circuit Court Judge.

If you are contemplating divorce based on your reasons, you may want to speak with a marriage counselor or a therapist who is trained in this area to see if that is best option for your relationship. Maybe speaking to a therapist may help to save your marriage. You want to see if your relationship can continue in healthy manner. However, if you believe that the marriage relationship is too far gone to the point that is toxic to both parties’ health. You should consult with a divorce attorney who can assist you in the process to get a divorce. What is in your best interest to dissolve your marriage.

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Focusing on the future can be very difficult during complicated divorce proceedings. Whether you are involved in a highly contested dissolution or an amicable split, the countless legal ramifications of ending a marriage can be time consuming and emotionally draining.

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As your Frederick Divorce and Separation Attorney, the Law Firm is here to serve Frederick, Montgomery, Washington, and Carroll Counties as well as the remaining Maryland area. The Firm would like to be your Frederick Divorce and Separation Lawyer.

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Helped me fight some bogus case that md didn't have jurisdiction over and he's very friendly and approachable oh and did I mention affordable? Best lawyer I've met in a long time!!!!


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