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Relocation Rights for Parents

If relocation after your divorce will help you out tremendously in terms of financial and living situation, these situations can include obtaining a better paying job, better living circumstances, and/or closer to your immediate family who help you. Relocation can be complex when it involves your visitation or child’s custody schedule.

It does not matter what your circumstances are whether it is the non-relocating or relocating parent, it would be imperative to keep the best interest of your children in mind. The Soubra Law Firm has been providing assistance to those who retain the firm in representation in relocation cases.

After a Custody Order or Divorce is Issued, Maryland Rules for Relocation

Statute provides that a relocating parent must provide 90 days notice to the non-relocating parent and to the court for you to move out-of-area. The area can be moving out-of-state or in-state depending on the distance. However, if you need to move immediately and not able to meet the Maryland relocation statute, you as the relocation parent how this affect your children will be determined by the court. The relocating parent must provide reason for the immediate relocation like financial emergency.

The non-relocating parent can file an objection with regards to the relocating parent. The court will focus on the best interest of the child.

Whether relocation will affect the welfare of your children, the court will look at the following criteria and other factors:

  • The children’s wishes
  • The children’s age, health, and sex
  • The reputation, fitness, and character of each parent
  • How their home will affect access
  • The residences of each parent

If access and visitation to the non-relocation parent will stop, the court may not grant your proposal. The purpose behind your move should not be for selfish reasons, but the best interest of the family as a whole and should be proved that is the case to the other parent and court.

Moving can be for many reasons and these types of issues require a family law attorney who can help you with such an issue providing a different type of access with the child or it can be too late. Parents must be accommodating and should be creative in resolving this problem. It is very difficult to try this on your own and can result in a disastrous result if you are representing yourself where you are taking the child farther away from the other parent. It is an excellent idea to retain an attorney who can help in these times and decide what is the best way to sort this problem. The Soubra Law Firm is here to help those who need to retain an attorney who can help with their legal issues. It is highly advisable and recommended to retain an attorney for a relocation case because it can work against the moving parent detriment. This should be done before your move, so you can be prepared as to what to do when it comes to your relocation to another location.

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