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Visitation During the Coronavirus Epidemic

During the Coronavirus Epidemic, Does Parental Visitation can Occur? Should Every Parent Stop all Visitation With the Non-Custodial Parent During This Epidemic?

There are some recommendations as to how to deal with the other parent during the covid-19 crisis. Apparently, people who are co-parenting are being fantastic parents during these difficult times. For individuals who are having a difficult time with the other parent, the firm can recommend some sort of solutions:

If You Have a Parenting Plan, You Should Follow It

A parent should not take advantage of this epidemic in this world to deny access of the children to the other parent. It is a daunting situation to be in if that happens to the other parent. It appears that there will be a rise in contempt, visitation, custody, and other similar motions if that did happen where the parent who has physical custody of the child believes to be doing the right thing, but in fact that parent is violating a court order by not permitting the other parent to have access with that child. However, if the other parent is sick or is asymptomatic with the coronavirus, then the situation is different. You should contact your attorney immediately and request for advice.

If you are a responsible parent believe that the other parent is permitting the child to be around other individuals as well as other children and not complying with the Social Distancing guidelines set by the Maryland government as well as the CDC, you must talk to the other parent immediately and inform that parent the risk of harm that individual is putting the child in a position of contracting the coronavirus from someone else.

If both parents have joint legal custody according to your court order, each one must exercise the best judgment for the child. An individual cannot coerce their rules on the other parent’s home unless that person is not following the law. If the child feels afraid, you should contact with the other parent and take the necessary steps to make sure that the child is safe and is in good care.

What if Your Child has an Illness?

If your child has an illness, and does not have covid-19, the child should be exchanged according to the court order unless it is stated otherwise. Be sure to communicate everything with regards to the child’s condition to the other parent in writing such as a text, e-mail, or letter. For example, begin with one e-mail list having all the necessary information about the child’s condition such as what pills should be taken as well as how often and when. If this string of information can be found at one location, this will be beneficial for the child.

Communication is key when it comes to your child’s health. As to child’s doctor appointment, the other parent should be informed with regards to the child’s doctor appointment and if there are any illnesses that the child has. Inform the other parent if the child needs any prescription as well as over the counter medications.

What if the Exchange is Performed at School, but School is Cancelled?

If it is the day of exchanging the child at school, but school is closed, you need to talk to the other parent and set an exchange time at another location. Make certain that you choose a time if you no time is specified. If exchanging a child at one of the parent’s home is not feasible, pick a public place such as a local grocery store or convenience store. Be sure to park close to the other parent’s car so the child can walk safely to work with no worries.

Speak to an Attorney

At a time like this one, it is critical that you speak to an attorney to prevent you from not complying with a court order or written parenting agreement during the coronavirus epidemic which you can be charged with contempt or custody can possibly be switch to the other parent. Currently, your attorney has closed his business and not communicating to his clients by phone, e-mail, video, etc, then find who is willing to communicate with you without stepping into a situation where the court order is violated.

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