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Additional Frequently Asked Questions in Bankruptcy

Three Types of Bankruptcy Cases Such as Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 and the Differences Between Them?

Chapter 7 - The aim for people here who file for bankruptcy chapter 7 protection to discharge all debts and free themselves from debts as well as to get a fresh start in terms of credit. Chapter 11 - Sole Proprietors, partnerships, and Corporations wanting to stay in business and reorganize their financial affairs can file for bankruptcy protection under chapter 11. Chapter 13 - People with a set income who are seeking to redo their financial affairs can file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. A person can set up a repayment plan to bring them current on their mortgage for their home. Chapter 13 is less expensive and simpler than a Chapter 11 which sole proprietors and individuals can be eligible for Chapter 13.
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How can Bankruptcy Affect my Credit?

Bankruptcy can improve your credit score at the very end. By getting rid of your debt, you can make your credit better. Suppose you pay your bills timely. You may have a lot of debt so that a new credit card would be denied.
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Can I Purchase a Home in the Future?

Many finance companies are inclined to lend money to you after 2 years filing bankruptcy. As long as you are eligible for a mortgage, bankruptcy does not hurt your ability of buying a house.
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Can I be Eligible for Financing When Buying a new Car After Filing Bankruptcy?

If you are eligible for financing, it may not affect you ability to finance a new car. On the other hand, you may be given a higher interest rate on the loan for your vehicle.
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How can a Debt Consolidation Plan Help me? If it can Help me, is it Better for me?

Depending on your particular circumstances as well as the consolidation company, debt consolidation plans do not help people with their debts, but help enrich these companies at your own peril. You still will be in debt, and your credit score will be bad or worse than if you had filed bankruptcy. In order to have good credit and maintain good credit, you are required to pay on time to the original terms and not owe more than you can afford.
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Can I set up a Payment Plan With my Creditors?

Probably. However, your creditors will not be easy to negotiate a term. Many creditors will not talk to you about setting up a payment plan until your account is seriously delinquent. The creditors normally are seeking some sort of down payment and installment of payments and even when you pay all the debt, it does not even help or restore your credit score.
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Can a Legal Document Service or a Paralegal Represent me?

Paralegals or legal document service cannot represent you in Maryland as well as to provide you with legal advice. In addition, these services cannot act as your attorney in the Bankruptcy court. Only an attorney licensed in that State can represent you. Debtors tend to go to them to save some money and believe that they are cheaper than obtaining an attorney. Bankruptcy filings are complex and complicated and require an attorney who is experiences in these matters to acquire the optimal outcome for you.
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First, can I Begin With Some Consumer Credit Counseling Agency?

Some debt consolidation plans only assist a small percentage of people who require their assistance. These agencies allege to be non-profit, but most of their financial support comes from commission who are named as fair share plans supported by them through the credit industry. Clearly, they will not be looking out for your interest. They will be looking out for the creditor’s interest, since the credit industry is financially supporting them.
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